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Powelton Village ‘Castle’ chops $400K off asking price

It’s now down to $2.4 million

After hitting the market in November 2016 for just under $2.9 million, the “Castle” in Powelton Village is now $400,000 cheaper.

That brings the 12,104-square-foot property’s price tag down to $2,499,000. Although it’s currently an apartment building, the Castle dates back to the late 1800s and was designed by the Wilson Brothers.

Much of its architectural integrity has been preserved, per the listing. There are eights apartments, and some of them feature stained glass windows, interior shutters, and tiled fireplaces. There is also a six-car garage with a community deck for tenants on the property.

Will the smaller asking price convince someone to snatch up the Castle? Until then, let’s have another look inside.