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Eastern Tower Community Center still waits to break ground

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Construction was supposed to begin by the end of 2016

This week we shared various updates on 26 high-rises that are currently under construction or undergoing massive renovations throughout Philly. But one skyscraper was noticeably missing from the list: The Eastern Tower Community Center.

The 23-story tower was supposed to break ground before the end of 2016, after the project received $1.3 million from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) in October.

But a recent visit to the site at 1001 Vine Street revealed a nearly full parking lot, and no signs of construction.

The current site of the proposed Eastern Tower Community Center at 10th and Vine.
Photo by Melissa Romero

Sarah Yeung, director of planning for the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation, told Curbed Philly that they had no update on the groundbreaking and that their lawyers are still finalizing the $76 million project’s finances.

Meanwhile, a construction permit for the building is still active with Licenses & Inspections, according to public records. The permit calls for a 21-story tower versus 23.

The Eastern Tower Community Center at 10th and Vine streets has been floating around since 2008. The current plan is for the center to include 21,000 square feet of office space, 8,700 square feet of retail space, 17,000 square feet of recreation and event space, and 150 residential units.

When the project does break ground, construction is estimated to take about one year. Stay tuned.