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Post Brothers begin work on 4th and final tower at Presidential City

With help from French architect Philippe Maidenberg

Post Brothers has hired French architect Philippe Maidenberg to design the lobby, lounge, and model apartments at the Adams at Presidential City.
Rendering by Philippe Maidenberg

Renovations on the fourth and final tower at Presidential City are underway, with developer Post Brothers working with French architect Philippe Maidenberg to design the lobby, lounge, and model apartments.

It will be Maidenberg’s first U.S.-based project. The architect’s Paris-based firm focuses on hotel design, often inserting playful and colorful details into his projects.

The same can be said of the proposed designs for the Adams, the fourth tower at Presidential City. Maidenberg re-designed the tower’s dated lobby, incorporating modern finishes and furniture with the building’s original details.

The current state of the lobby at the Adams.

Like the other three residential towers, the fourth is named after a U.S. president. The original intention of Presidential City’s developer John McShain in 1950 was to build 48 towers that would be named after all of the presidents. He only managed to build the Washington, Madison, Adams, and Jefferson before selling the rest of the land.

Post Brothers bought the property on the edge of Philly near Bala Cynwyd in 2012 for $80 million, and began renovations in 2014. They’re finishing up renovations on the third tower, the Jefferson, and will finish up on the Adams by the end of this year.

Here’s how the current, dated lobby will look after the renovations.

When the $100 million renovation project is completed this year, it will be the largest residential redevelopment project in Philadelphia. There are a total of 1,000 units—ranging from $1,000 to $4,500 a month—in the community that will have been updated.