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Germantown fixer-upper could be great, asks $145K

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That buys a 5-bedroom, 5-bath home

This stone home in Germantown is on the market for $145,900.
Courtesy of Elfant Wissahickon Realtors

Germantown’s real estate market has been wowing with its recent listings, from this recently renovated single-family to this twin Victorian. Now, another home has hit the market, and while it’s in pretty bad shape, it has so much potential.

The 5-bedroom, 5-bath stone home sits within the historic Germantown district, and clocks in at an impressive 4,250 square feet. It’s currently broken up into four apartments, but could be turned back into a single-family home.

The listing says the home dates back to 1918, but a reader pointed out that it actually dates back to the late 1800s. It’s easy to tell that it was once a beautiful home. It has high ceilings, a fireplace, and hardwood floors. There’s also a detached four-car garage on the property.

Other than that, though, details on the home’s history are slim. But a quick trip down memory lane thanks to Google Streetview shows that the home’s decline started sometime after April 2012, when the home looked like this:

The asking price of the home is $144,900.