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How much for a sunny Logan Square corner condo?

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It’s in a historic building and has a private balcony

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What/Where: A 2-bedroom, 1-bath condo in Logan Square

Square footage: 1,121 square feet

HOA fees: $464/month

There’s a lot to like about this corner condo in Logan Square. Upon walking into the 1,121-square-foot space, it’s clear that the south-facing views of the city skyline from the wall of windows is one of the home’s show-stopping features. The master bedroom has its own private balcony, too, which makes for even better views.

Within the main living area, there’s a modern kitchen with an island, plus enough room to fit in a pretty large dining table. Overall, the home has an modern-industrial vibe going on, with exposed ductwork winding through the rooms and hardwood floors.

The unit also comes with one parking spot in the building’s garage.

So, how much do you think this place is asking?