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Kensington home with all the balconies asks $450K

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Four balconies, three murals, and three bedrooms

This Kensington home is on the market for $450K.
Courtesy of the Somers Team

A three-story property in Kensington that’s often referred to as “that house with the balconies” has hit the market after undergoing 10 years of upgrades and renovations.

Artist Jeannie DiCarlo bought this home in 2007, despite protests from her family and friends who called her “crazy” for moving to Kensington. “But I had a vision,” DiCarlo said in a video.

With the help of her children, DiCarlo transformed the dilapidated, 2,070-square-foot property into 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath home, designed with Puerto Rican, Spanish, and European architecture in mind. That explains the French doors that open to four balconies—two in the front and two in the back.

DiCarlo is also leaving three of her murals in the home: One in the kitchen, a bathroom, and another on the back patio that features the Italian countryside.

The asking price of the home, which is located a few blocks from Berks Station on the El, is $450,000.