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10 must-follow Instagram accounts that capture Philly like never before

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See Philly with a new perspective thanks to these Instagram accounts


Instagram is full of Philly photographers capturing the city’s grit, beauty, and food scene. But for those who are a little tired of seeing yet another shot of Elfreth’s Alley or a cheesesteak on their feeds, you’ve come to the right place. With the help of Instagram, Curbed Philly put together this list of 10 interesting Instagram accounts that show off the city from 10 different perspectives, whether through actual photos or Instagram stories.

There’s the Instagrammer that captures Philly from above with a drone, and another that highlights Philly’s lesser-known street art. And then there are some that just show all the beauty that this city has to offer.

Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

A post shared by G Callan (@glcallan) on

G Callan Philly

It may take you a few minutes to figure out exactly what’s going on in G Callan’s Instagram photos. That’s because the photographer plays around with long exposures, drone footage, and other cool tricks to create trippy views of Philly, like this walk along the Ben Franklin Bridge shown above.

A post shared by Philadelphia ( on

This photographer’s Instagram account features a collection of Philly views and portraits, but what makes them really stand out is that he uses double—sometimes triple—exposed photos of the city.

Mural Arts

The murals of Philly play such a huge role in the fabric of the city. To see its many works of art from interesting perspectives, follow the Mural Arts program’s Instagram account. It shares both a mix of its own photography plus other users’ shots.

A post shared by Conrad Benner (@streetsdept) on

Conrad Benner

Conrad Benner is the photographer behind the Instagram account streetsdept. His work highlights Philly’s lesser-known street art and graffiti in all its gritty beauty.

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Cory J. Popp

Known for his dreamy videos of all-things Philly, Cory J. Popp’s Instagram account is filled with equally beautiful shots of the city. Scroll through his feed when you just want to fall in love with Philly’s beauty all over again.

A post shared by ᎷᎯᏒᏨ (@phillyfocused) on


Apparently, moody looks good on Philly. This Instagram account captures the City of Brotherly Love at dusk and night, offering dramatic views of Philadelphia like this shot at Fairmount Water Works.

A post shared by William Cress (@billycress) on

William Cress

Follow @billycress on Instagram if you have a thing for mundane homes and buildings. Cress’s feed is filled with these sort of structures, but he captures them in a way that manages to show off their quirks and beauty in a distinct aesthetic.


Because what’s a city without its people? Peopledelphia features both the owner’s own photos and curated images that showcase two things: People and Philly. As the bio states, it’s a “human-first account dedicated to ‘Philadelphia's story, through its people.’”

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For all things Center City, follow ccphilly. The photographer, Dave, documents the hustle and bustle of Greater Center City, capturing workers and everyday people on their way to and from the next destination.

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Who doesn’t love a good sunset? Certainly not Albert Lee, the photographer behind urphillypal. Lee calls himself a sunset chaser, and his Instagram feed is filled with views of Philly at golden hour.