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5 Philly homes that were pending sale in less than a week

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A sign of Philly’s hot spring real estate market

We’re in the heart of prime real estate season here in Philly, and homes are changing hands at such a rapid pace we can hardly keep up. Don’t believe us? Until official numbers for the quarter roll in, consider the anecdotal data with these five homes: They recently hit the market in the last month and were either pending sale or under contract in six days or less.

Courtesy of Philly Home Girls

1309 Snyder Avenue: 2 days

The real estate market in Passyunk Square has been hot for years now, so it’s no surprise that this 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath home was contingent two days after listing on April 10 for $355,000. The sunny corner rowhome sits just a few blocks from the Broad Street line and the bustling retail and restaurant corridor of East Passyunk Avenue.

Courtesy of City Block Team

4717 Springfield Avenue: 3 days

This home in West Philly’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood hit the market on March 10 for $550,000, and by March 13 was pending sale. When we wrote about the 5-bedroom twin, we noted the home’s massive size of 3,357 square feet and prime location along one of the most beautiful Victorian-lined street in the neighborhood.

Courtesy of City Block Team

4840 Osage Avenue: 5 days

Not far from the 4717 Springfield home, this cute home in Garden Court listed on Monday, April 3 for $419,000. At the time, listing agent Jeffrey Block predicted that the 4-bedroom home wouldn’t last long, saying, “The University City blocks just west of the Penn Alexander Catchment are on fire.” That weekend it was under contract and pending sale.

Photo by Plate | 3 Photography

230 S. 3rd Street: 5 days

This stand-alone Society Hill home immediately wowed with its floating staircase and untouched history when it hit the market on April 6. Listing agent Michael Garden called the Kenneth Walter Holt-designed home “one of the most extraordinary properties I have ever listed.” Though it had some mixed reviews from Curbed readers, the $1.5 million home was pending sale within five days.

Courtesy of Elfant Wissahickon Realtors

112 E. Washington Lane: 6 days

When this Germantown Victorian hit the market on April 13, there was a lot to like: Restored Victorian features, outdoor space, and an asking price of $250,000. Even the haunted house details didn’t scare people off: Listing agent Martha Hill said 75 people showed up to the open house and the home received three “very good offers.”