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Rittenhouse Square’s most affordable homes for sale

You don’t necessarily have to shell out the big bucks here

Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia
Rittenhouse Square isn’t only full of multi-million dollar listings.
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There’s no denying that there is a hefty price to pay if you want to live in Rittenhouse Square, the ritzy neighborhood that’s filled with multi-million dollar condos and beautiful brownstones.

Here, the median listing price is pushing $800,000, according to, so for many it can seem like buying in Rittenhouse is out of reach. While that may be true in most cases, there are some bargains to be had in the neighborhood.

This week, NeighborhoodX pulled together the 10 most affordable homes for sale in Rittenhouse Square (barring any short sales, foreclosures, and properties that could not be purchased with conventional financing). All 10 homes are condo units.

“On a per-square foot basis, the prices for these properties ranged from $368 to $600 per square foot," explained Constantine Valhouli, co-founder of Neighborhood X.

“For context,” Valhouli added, “the upper end of the Rittenhouse price range is $1,752/sq.ft. for a condo at 1706 Rittenhouse Square.” That would be this $7.3 million property, which takes up an entire floor and comes with a wall aquarium.

Use this interactive chart to see what’s up for grabs on the lower-end of the spectrum.

All of these properties are within the boundaries of Rittenhouse Square: 22nd street to the West, Broad Street to the East, Market Street to the North and South Street to the South.