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Philly’s Cherry Blossom Festival, in 15 lovely Instagram photos

The festival ends April 9

Photo by Melissa Romero

The peak bloom period of cherry blossoms in Philadelphia ended on April 4, but that doesn’t mean your chances of seeing the beautiful trees are over. The Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival runs until Sunday, April 9, ending with the day-long Sakura Sunday festival at Fairmount Park’s Horticultural Center.

But if you can’t make it to the closing-out festivities this weekend, never fear: The rest of Philadelphia has been soaking up the cherry blossoms all week. Here are 15 just straight-up beautiful Instagram photos that captured the trees at peak bloom.

Want to avoid the crowds? In addition, to the Shofuso Japanese Garden House, here are four other places to take in the blooms within the Fairmount Park system:

  1. Along Kelly Drive, north of Boathouse Row and east banks of the Schuylkill)
  2. Memorial Hall/Please Touch Museum
  3. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (west banks of the Schuylkill)
  4. Belmont Plateau

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