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Architect’s beautiful West Powelton home lists for $625K

It was the home of the late local architect Tony Atkins

A large living room with a marble mantle fireplace sandwiched by built-in bookcases.
The West Powelton home of the late architect Tony Atkin is on the market for $625,000.
Photos by Melissa Romero

After undergoing years of renovations and restorations, the West Powelton home of the late architect Tony Atkins is officially on the market for $625,000.

Atkin was the founding principal of the local firm AOS Architects and lived at this stately brick home. Like any designer would, he spent years renovating the property, combining two lots into one that resulted in an enchanting side garden, where Atkin would go on to throw some memorable parties.

After Atkin moved to open up a second office in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the home was rented out to local college students. He passed away two years ago, with his home left in pretty rough shape. But friends and family have spent the past couple of years restoring the stately home.

The 2,338-square-foot home sits on a corner of Saunders Park in West Powelton, its garden hidden from the street by a brick wall. Double doors open to the foyer and original staircase. The spacious living room off the hallway features a wealth of original architectural details, and is coupled with tall windows on both ends of the room and a marble mantle fireplace is sandwiched by built-in bookcases.

The kitchen in the back of the first floor is part of an addition to the home and features cute breakfast nook that looks out to the garden and koi pond. From there, there’s a narrow back staircase that leads up to the home’s upper levels, where there are four bedrooms. One of the two full bathrooms up here was also redesigned by Atkins, and features a step-down tub.