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Photos: Inside the Hale building on Chestnut

Here’s what lies behind the Hale’s whimsical facade

The Hale Building is being restored after years of vacancy.
Courtesy of Tracy Levesque

A couple of weeks ago we were excited to learn and share the news that restoration of the Hale building at Chestnut and Juniper was finally underway. Since then, the exterior has been washed, and as of Thursday morning Juniper Street was closed as more construction work took place. Exterior restoration, which includes removal of the first-floor’s storefront facade, is expected to finish up by the end of the year.

There’s no doubt that the whimsical exterior of the 1887 building is what makes the Hale so iconic. But as the layers of the Hale get peeled back, no doubt many passersby are wondering: What’s inside that odd, half-castle on Chestnut?

Hidden City Philadelphia has a great compilation of interior photos from 2012. And now, we have a more updated look inside the Hale, courtesy of these newer photos shared by Tracy Levesque, the local photographer behind the popular Instagram account @ruinporn.

These photos were taken in February 2016. Based on what’s shown here, construction crews have a lot of work to do before the Hale opens again, as an office building with a roof deck and restaurant.

The Hale building was designed as an office building by local architect Willis G. Hale in 1887, and was once described as a monstrosity on Chestnut Street. Hale would eventually move his firm’s offices into the Hale, and in fact go onto design the Divine Lorraine in this very building.

hale building

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