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Gentrification protestors vandalize new homes, cars in North Philly

New buildings and high-end cars were targeted

At least $100,000 worth of property in North Philly was vandalized Monday night by more than four dozen people who claimed to be protesting gentrification, city police said.

NBC 10 reported today that new buildings and around two dozen high-end cars near the neighborhoods of Kensington and Northern Liberties were targeted. Paint was thrown onto new townhomes, windows of both homes and cars were shattered, and security cameras were ripped off.

Properties that were vandalized included homes on the 1500 block of North Second Street and the 1500 block of North Philip Street, according to the Inquirer.

The anarchist group of nearly 50 protestors goes by the name of Summer of Rage. Earlier today police arrested two suspects, one from Doylestown and another from Rhawnhurst, who were allegedly involved with the protest. They were charged with causing and risking a catastrophe, criminal mischief, and related offenses, according to the Inquirer.

In one of their book bags, there was a mission statement on how to disrupt capitalism. One sign left behind at the scene of the crimes read, “Gentrification is death. Revolt is life.”

The situation is still under investigation by Philly police and is not being tied to any other incidents.