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Big Reveal: $309K for a renovated Fishtown home

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Did you make the right guess?

This Fishtown home is on the market for $309,000.
via Plumer & Associates, Inc.

Welcome back to Pricespotter, Curbed’s price guessing game. Yesterday, we asked Curbed readers to guess the asking price of this Fishtown rowhome. How much does a recently renovated rowhome with three bedrooms and 1.5 baths list for these days?

Less than one might think, based on the poll results. It was a tight call, with 35 percent of readers guessing $374,900 and 34 percent going for $325,000.

The actual price tag on this 1,180-square-foot home: $309,000.

So, thoughts: Is it priced too low for a neighborhood that just happened to be the named the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year? Or is it just right?

Thanks for playing along and stay tuned for another crack at Pricespotter!