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Shimmery steel home in Kensington lists for $585K

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That rusted look is here to stay

This newly built home in Kensington features a facade made of Cor-Ten steel, designed to rust and then seal itself.
Courtesy of Solo Realty

After months of construction and wowing the neighborhood with its eye-popping rusted facade, a new steel home in Kensington has hit the market for just under $600,000.

The new home at 2401 Emerald Street was a collaboration between Red Oak Development, Bright Common, and Toner Architects. It’s covered in Cor-Ten steel, which is designed to rust to that rich, burnt-orange color, and then seal itself.

It’s not the only interesting material used for the three-bedroom, three-bath house, which sits on the corner and clocks in at 2,500 square feet. There’s a ton of metal used throughout, from the custom light fixtures to the steel staircase, both fabricated by Red Oak. There are also birch floors throughout, plus cork floors used in the basement, and the master bathroom is highlighted by use of bright green subway tile.

As if the home’s facade or angular structure wasn’t enough to make it stand out, its outdoor space is pretty spectacular, too. Right off the master suite is a small, covered terrace accented by large circular, open windows. Then, up a set of stairs is the expansive roof deck.

The asking price of the home is $585,000.