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Richard Neutra’s Pitcairn house now $100K cheaper

The iconic home in Huntingdon Valley is now down to $2.8 million

It’s been nearly half a year since a potential sale of Richard Neutra’s Pitcairn house fell through. Now, the midcentury modern icon has undergone yet another pricechop of $100,000, bringing its asking down to $2,899,900 in April.

The home originally listed nearly three years ago for $6 million. Last August, the home was pending sale, but the potential buyer never showed up for the closing.

The stone-clad home was designed by Neutra in 1964 for the owner, who has lived in the home for more than 50 years. It took three years to build the midcentury modern masterpiece, which is 85 percent windows and is shrouded by 10 acres of forest in Bryn Athyn. There’s also an incredible floating staircase and an indoor pool.

It’s really not clear how low of an asking price this home needs to finally find a buyer. The six-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath home appears to be in pretty good shape, so it’s not like it needs a ton of renovations. (You can watch a new, short video of the home in its current state over at this Zillow listing.) So perhaps at 6,303 square feet, it’s just too much home?

This also isn’t the only Neutra-designed home for sale in the area. The Hassrick residence in East Falls, designed by Neutra in 1958, is also on the market for $2,195,000.