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Germantown home in Awbury Arboretum lists for $510K

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The home hasn’t been offered since it was built in the 1950s

A stucco, country-like home surrounded by greenery.
This Germantown home is on the market for $510,000.
Photos by Alcove Media for Loretta Witt Homes

A country home on the grounds of Awbury Arboretum in Germantown has hit the market for the first time ever.

The 5-bedroom, 3-bath home dates back to 1956. That year the Johnson family bought the acre of land at 6110 Ardleigh Street, and in later years added an addition and more land to the property.

Today, the home sits on nearly two acres and clocks in at 3,308 square feet. It’s one of the few private homes located within the 55-acre arboretum and hasn’t been offered since it was built.

The stucco home definitely has the look and feel of a country estate. The big, sunny living room is surrounded by walls of built-ins and centered by a wood-burning fireplace. And the family room, an addition from 1963, certainly looks like a cabin with its wood-paneled walls and second fireplace.

Yet despite its age, the home does have some modern features, like an extensive solar panel system that was added in 2010.

The asking price of the home is $510,000.