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Here are Philly’s 5 winning projects of the Knight Cities challenge

From a mobile design lab to a marketplace for immigrant cuisine in the park

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Five compelling projects that focus on making Philly a better city have won more than $1 million total from the Knight Foundation to turn their ideas into realities.

The Knight Foundation announced 33 winning projects of their annual Knight Cities Challenge, which asks, “What’s your best idea to make cities more successful?” This is the third year of the challenge.

The 144 finalists were first announced at the beginning of 2017, with Philly and Detroit topping the list, with 20 and 21 proposed projects, respectively.

Of Philly’s 20 projects, these five were just named the winners. They all offer varied, creative solutions for Philly’s various issues, from its history of redlining to its growing immigrant population.

1. A Dream Deferred: PHL Redlining – Past, Present, Future, $300,000

This idea pitched by Little Giant Creative proposes to build more equitable communities by launching a series of meetings in various cities that will discuss equitable community development.

2. PHL Participatory Design Lab, $338,000

This City of Philadelphia project will create a mobile design space that will travel throughout various neighborhoods and encourage Philadelphians to design city services solutions.

3. Tabadul: [Re]Presenting and [Ex]Changing Our America, $180,000

Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture will create “forums for cultural exchange” as a way to connect communities. Using photo displays of “youths’ expressions of identity,” public spaces will be activated.

4. Up Up & Away: Building a Programming Space for Comics & Beyond, $50,000

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse will create a space for diverse, aspiring comic creators. Here they’ll be able to attend workshops and receive guidance and expert advice to develop their professional careers.

5. Vendor Village in the Park: Vending to Vibrancy, $175,478

With help from Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Corp., an open marketplace for immigrant cuisine will set up shop in Mifflin Park, as a way to support the entrepreneurs in diverse communities.