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Why Philly decided to redesign the iconic Pride flag

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Two new stripes have been added to recognize people of color

Philly has unveiled a new, more inclusive Pride flag.
Courtesy of More Color More Pride

Today, Wednesday June 14, is Flag Day. And while the unofficial holiday is a nod to the the Stars and Stripes flag from 1777, created right here in Philadelphia, it’s fitting that the city has also celebrated the recent unveiling of another iconic flag.

Last week, the city unveiled a redesigned Pride flag that revealed the addition of black and brown stripes to the rainbow, in recognition of LGBTQ people of color.

It’s part of the city’s More Color More Pride campaign, which strives to create an even more inclusive community. It also coincides with Philly’s efforts this year to celebrate the stories of those who have been typically left out of the LGBTQ experience, including people of color and people of the transgender/gender nonconforming experience, the city said in a statement.

Amber Hikes, director of the Office of LGBT Affairs, further explained, “We’re proud to host this celebration for the community to come together not just for Pride, but also to reinforce our strides towards combatting discrimination within our community, honor the lives of our black and brown LGBTQ siblings, and uplift our shared commitment to diversity and inclusion within our community.”

You can see Philly’s new Pride flag over at City Hall at the North Apron, where it will be flown during the month of June.

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