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New renderings of Headhouse Square expansion revealed

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Work is expected to begin this year on the renovation project

Headhouse Square in Society Hill is getting a makeover.
Renderings by Ambit Architecture

Headhouse Square in Society Hill recently cleared the latest hurdle needed to begin work on its long-awaited makeover and expansion.

Earlier this month, the Art Commission approved the latest design plans for the renovation of Headhouse Square, a project that has been in years in the making, PlanPhilly reported.

The approved plan, designed by Ambit Architecture, calls for the creation of an actual plaza, accompanied by pedestrian-safety measures, like more lighting. In addition, two canopy-like pavilions will be built on both ends of the new plaza.

One-fourth of the 40 parking spots will be removed to make way for more green space, too, PlanPhilly noted.

Why the need for change? It’s been some six decades since any updates have been made to Headhouse Square, of which the current structure is a National Historic Landmark. The goal is for the space to serve as a more welcoming gateway for the retail corridor and be more pedestrian-friendly.

With the Art Commission approval, work will likely begin in the next few months, although the design team will have to return once more for approval of the proposed public artwork.

Ambit Architecture shared plenty of renderings of the Headhouse Square renovations, giving us a good idea of what to expect with the expansion.