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Colorful 1950s time capsule in Elkins Park asks $335K

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Pink cabinetry, yellow wallpaper, and so much more

This home was built in 1949 by architect David Weitz.
Courtesy of Ashlee Check, Weichert Realtors

Sometimes, a home is such a perfect representation of the era that it was built that one can’t imagine changing one thing about it. That seems to be the case with this Elkins Park home, built in 1949, that is like stepping into a time capsule when wallpaper was all the rage and having a pink bathroom was the norm.

This midcentury modern was is the work of architect David Weitz, who designed it as his personal residence. It’s interesting given the background of Weitz, who previously worked under John T. Windrim before opening his own firm with partner Clarence S. Thalheimer.

As the listing states, Weitz designed his four-bedroom, four-bathroom home to let the outside in, as is the case with many midcentury moderns. This is perhaps most evident with his use of walls of windows, and the seamless transition of slate floors from the living room to the outdoor, covered patio.

It appears as though, save for some new appliances, the entire home has been left untouched, from the light blue kitchen cabinetry to the wallpapered bathrooms to the Pepto Bismol-pink walk-in closet and bathroom in the master suite. The listing also points out that one of the bedrooms features pigskin floors.

The 3,491-square-foot home is an estate sale, on the market for $335,000.