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Contract negotiations delay construction all around Philly

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Work has slowed at 20 construction sites as a result

Philly’s construction boom is slowing due to contract negotiations.
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Due to an impasse on contract negotiations between the General Building Contractors Association and a local union, work at construction sites around Philly and the metro region has slowed down.

The Philadelphia Inquirer first reported Tuesday afternoon that operators represented by the Local 542 International Union of Operating Engineers were pulled off their job sites after contract negotiations with the GBCA came to an impasse.

At least 20 construction sites are involved, including the Comcast Technology Center. A spokesperson for the Goldenberg Group also confirmed to Curbed Philly that 1213 Walnut, at 26-story tower nearing completion in Washington Square West, has also been affected by the impasse.

The issue isn’t over pay raises. The Inquirer explains:

Instead, the two sides are negotiating over the future of a job category (oilers), double time on Sundays, and whether union workers should contribute part of their paychecks to the association for its marketing and other efforts.

In the meantime, work has slowed at various construction sites, since operating engineers are responsible for running elevators and operating cranes. The union represents 6,000 workers throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware.

No talks have been scheduled between the two groups.

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