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Construction begins this week at future 40th Street Trolley Portal Gardens

It will take 10 months

After months of delays, construction work is set to begin “in the coming days” over at the future 40th Street Trolley Portal Gardens.

University City District (UCD) announced today that it has officially secured all of the permits needed to begin work on the $2.1 million project. UCD actually broke ground on the Trolley Portal Gardens last December. At the time, it was expected to open in September 2017. But it’s taken until June 7 to cross some last-minute T’s and dot some I’s.

Why the hold up? UCD explains:

We have been working with our partners to finalize the details needed to start construction: securing financing for the forthcoming Trolley Car Station, obtaining building permits, and completing construction plans.

Domus is set to head up construction at the site. But don’t worry about any station closures: 40th Street Trolley Station will remain open for the duration of the 10-month construction project. “The area will remain open to pedestrians for safe access to trolleys,” according to UCD.

Assuming all goes to plan, when the Trolley Portal Gardens opens next spring, it will feature 150-seat restaurant called Trolley Car Station, as well as some much-needed landscaping and public seating throughout.