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Philly ranks 11th in nation for green buildings

It fell out of the top 10 ranking in 2016

In the foreground is a river and highways. In the distance is the skyline of Philadelphia with many tall city buildings.
Philly’s overall green adoption rate is 37.9 percent.
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Falling one spot from last year’s top 10 ranking, Philly is now 11th in the nation for its green buildings, according to the 2017 Green Building Adoption Index.

The index, a joint venture between CBRE and Maastricht University, defined “green” buildings as those that hold either an EPA Energy Star label, a LEED certification, or both. Chicago topped this year’s list, with 66 percent of its market space qualifying as green.

Philly, on the other hand, fell from 10th to 11th this year. Its overall green adoption rate of 37.9 percent was a slight decrease from 39.2 percent in 2016. The report said a big reason for its fall in the ranks was that very few of Philly’s buildings are LEED certified—2 percent, to be exact. The majority of them are located in Center City and University City.

Where Philly makes up some ground is in its Energy Star ratings. The report notes, “Where Philadelphia excels is in Energy Star with a performance that would rank in the top 10 for both the number of buildings and percentage of square footage labeled.”

Philly might fare better in next year’s ranking, the report notes, thanks to some initiatives that aim to improve the city’s sustainability programs. This interactive map offers the full breakdown.