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RFQ issued for midcentury modern health center on Broad Street

What will become of the teal building?

A teal-colored midcentury modern health center.
Health Center No. 1 on Broad and Lombard is for sale.
Photos by Melissa Romero

Health Center No. 1, a midcentury modern building that dates back to 1959 is up for grabs.

The Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) has issued an RFQ for the 55,880-square-foot building at the corner of Broad and Lombard streets, asking developers to pitch their plans for a “dynamic and sustainable mixed-use development” on the site, Naked Philly first reported.

Health Center No. 1 dates back to 1959.

The RFP, which was issued on Friday, July 17, states that plans are already underway for Health Center No. 1 to be relocated to another location by mid-2018.

That leaves this property at 500-10 S. Broad Street marked for development potential along the Avenue of the Arts, which “has become a hotbed of investment for the city of Philadelphia,” the RFP notes. The health center is located just a stone’s throw away from already-established residential developments as well as future projects like the 45-story SLS International Hotel & Residences at Broad and Spruce streets.

The health center itself was designed by Montgomery & Bishop in 1959 as one of 10 neighborhood health centers built in the city after World War II. The curvy building has long been a standout on the corner of Broad and Lombard, thanks to its teal-tiled facade—the bright colors were meant to lift the spirits of patients.

The RFP says it’s looking for a proposal that brings active uses to the ground floor level (think retail and restaurants), while the upper stories could be residential, hotel, or more commercial space. It continues, “The City and PIDC are open to proposals that reuse the existing building, redevelop the site or some combination of the two. The City is willing to consider proposals that incorporate or relocate the existing City uses.”

Currently, the site is zoned CMX-4 for Center City Commercial Mixed-Use. Proposals are due by September 22, 2017. The PIDC will then short-list interested developers, who will then submit their proposals for the site. A finalist will then be chosen and will enter into an Agreement of Sale with Philadelphia Authority For Industrial Development (PAID).