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Fishtown home looks brand new after major overhaul, asks $479K

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Goodbye vinyl siding, hello original brick

A Fishtown home has been rehabbed from top to bottom.
Photos by Alcove Media for Leon Aksman

A corner rowhome in Fishtown that has been returned to original state after undergoing a top-to-bottom restoration is now up for grabs for $479,900.

The home at 858 E. Thompson Street was in pretty poor shape when it sold for $220,000 in March of this year. Its facade was covered in white vinyl siding and the large front window was boarded up. The interiors were just downright scary.

No longer. The 2,200-square-foot property, which includes a backyard, has undergone a complete overhaul and now boasts its original brick facade, roof, and cornice details.

Listing agent Leon Aksman told Curbed Philly that “we reclaimed, restored, and resealed the original bricks, transom, and original door, and rebuilt the cornice and corbels entirely.”

The facade, before and after

Inside, Aksman continues, was “a dilapidated mess” and restoring it was “crazy labor intensive.” The rehab included the restoration of the home’s 100-year-old pine floors throughout the entire property. The home’s original marble mantel was also restored, as was the exposed brick wall that runs from top to bottom of the house.

Living room, before and after

The kitchen was also completely gutted, replacing broken tiles with the original hardwood floors and wood paneling with a plenty of grey cabinetry. From here, a door leads to the landscaped backyard, which stretches for 90 feet.

Kitchen, before and after
Backyard, before and after

Want to see the makeover in person? There’s an open house on Sunday, July 23 from 12 to 1:30 p.m.