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Video: Watch Philly’s skyline grow from 1900 to today

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A new video documents Philly’s Center City evolution

Philly’s skyline has been on the move since 1753.
Courtesy of Commercial Cafe

With all this recent talk about Philly’s changing skyline—and its potential to keep on growing—a new video really puts it all into perspective.

Using 3D images and a birds eye view of Philly’s Center City, commercial real estate website Commercial Cafe created a 2:34-minute video documenting the evolution of Philly’s skyline from 1900 to today, starting with its very first skyscraper, the North American Building at 121 S. Broad Street.

It’s a really telling visual of Philly’s development history. What’s even more crazy to think about is that Philly’s skyline really started with Independence Hall, built in 1753. From there, it’s all been uphill. Fast forward next year, when the 60-story Comcast Technology Center debuts as the tallest building in Philadelphia and outside of New York and Chicago.

Watch the video below, then take a look at our map to see what will be Philly’s 13 tallest buildings by 2020.

Independence Hall

1 N Independence Mall W, Philadelphia, PA 19106 Visit Website

Comcast Technology Center

1800 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103 Visit Website