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Stately Fishtown Victorian with six bedrooms asks $599K

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It calls itself a “mini-mansion”

This Fishtown Victorian from the late 1800s is on the market.
Photos by Alcove Media for the Somers Team

An incredibly large Victorian in Fishtown whose size is even more accentuated by its squat two-story neighbor has hit the market for just under $600,000.

Referred to as a “mini-mansion” in the listing description, the home at 1121 Malborough Street clocks in at 3,140 square feet and features six bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, and plenty of original character.

The home immediately impresses from the front double doors, which open to a vestibule. Another set of double doors, marked with stained glass windows, opens up to the hallway, and yet another set of double doors—this time 10-feet-tall—open to the living room.

The hardwood floors throughout the first floor feature inlays, while the upper levels feature random-width red pine.

While much of the home’s original 19th-century character remains in tact, the kitchen on the first floor is new, as is the heating system and the roof.

The asking price of this home is $599,000. There is an open house on Sunday, July 30 from 1 to 3 p.m.