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Dazzling drone video captures Philly’s July Fourth fireworks on the Delaware River

Philly knows how to do fireworks

A drone captured the first night of Philly’s July Fourth fireworks over the Delaware River.
Screenshot via Philly by Drone

There’s no doubt about it: Philly knows how to put on an amazing fireworks show. Each July Fourth, the city is awash in dazzling displays for multiple nights, whether it’s over the Delaware River at Penn’s Landing or the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the grand finale. Not to mention all of the mini-shows put on all around the region.

We have an entire map dedicated to the best places to catch the many fireworks shows, but we’ve gotta be honest: This view may take the cake.

After receiving a last-minute approval from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), Christopher Kao was able to capture the first night of July Fourth fireworks at Penn’s Landing on June 30—by drone.

So behold, one of the closest views you’ll ever get to a fireworks show. Watch the epic display crunched down to 50 seconds, as the drone captures the sparklers high above Penn’s Landing and the Delaware River Waterfront.

And don’t forget, there are two fireworks shows on July Fourth at 9:30 p.m.: Along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and on the Delaware River Waterfront.