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Here’s what Philly’s Rail Park looks like from above

Drone footage shows the Rail Park coming along nicely

Construction on the Rail Park is ahead of schedule.
All images credit of Christopher Kao, for Lawn and Garden Landscaping

Construction on the Rail Park is shaping up quite nicely, according to these new drone images and videos that captured the train line-turned-future-park from above.

Since breaking ground in late 2016, construction on the first phase of the Rail Park has moved along ahead of schedule, thanks to all the warm weather Philly has experienced since the spring.

According to the last June update from Center City District, which is managing the 0.25-mile project, here’s where the project stands:

The contractor is well along the way to installing all the support structures on the edges of the viaduct that will enable the surface area to be expanded with boardwalks and viewing platforms.

All images credit of Christopher Kao, for Lawn and Garden Landscaping

In addition, prep for landscaping, led by Lawn and Garden Landscaping LLC, is underway.

The contractor will install structural bases for the swings, lights and benches. Waterproofing of the slab will also occur after the pour but prior to the landscape installation. By the end of the summer, the team will be preparing for landscape installation and many of the final finishes.

We’re also told that by mid-October, hundreds of trees will be planted along the Rail Park. The first phase is expected to open in early 2018.

For a true birds-eye view of how things are shaping up along the Rail Park, check out this footage from a drone that flew over the construction site on August 1.