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Big Reveal: $325K for a 544-square-foot Fitler Square home

Did you guess the right price?

via Ian Perler, Star Real Estate Group

Welcome back to Pricespotter! Yesterday, we asked readers to guess the asking price of a tiny two-story rowhome in Fitler Square. What does a 544-square-foot, one-bedroom home in a charming neighborhood list for these days?

The results rolled in via our poll. Both $299,900 and $310,000 seemed much too low to readers, garnering only 14 and 18 percent of the votes, respectively.

In the end, it came down to two price points: $325,000 or $345,000, with the former garnering 37 percent of votes. And they were right: The asking price of this one-bedroom, one-bath home is indeed $325,000.

Thanks for playing along and stay tuned for another chance to play Pricespotter!