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RFQ issued for 4601 Market after Philly police scrap move

Someone bring this back to life—again

Months after the City of Philadelphia scrapped plans to move its police headquarters to West Philly, the future of the 4601 Market Street building now remains in the hands of a developer.

A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) has been issued by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) for the 15-acre site at 4601 Market Street, which includes the massive six-story, 325,000-square-foot Provident Mutual Life Insurance Building.

“The availability of this key site provides a rare opportunity to create a unique, new destination in West Philadelphia,” the RFQ states.

The current site, which includes two parcels, is zoned Commercial Mixed-Use (CMX3). It’s also located at a four-way intersection that includes the 46th Station stop on the Market-Frankford Line and an ALDI grocery store.

PIDC’s request, which is on behalf of the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Authority For Industrial Development (PAID), comes about three months after the city announced it would no longer move its police headquarters and health services to 4601 Market Street. Instead, it’s setting up shop at the old Inquirer building on North Broad.

This decision came after the city already sunk $50 million into restoring and renovating the historic Provident Mutual Life Insurance Building.

In response, a trio of West Philly neighborhood organizations recently urged Mayor Jim Kenney in a letter to “make good on its commitment to redevelop 4601 Market Street in a timely matter” and to make sure that the community be engaged in the process “and not left in the dark about decisions.”

The RFQ states that it’s open to any development programs that benefit “the surrounding community.” It also suggests a project that “could include adding public circulation through the site, utilizing green stormwater and landscaping elements, creating active and welcoming uses along the ground floor, and creating a welcoming environment for pedestrians along the public rights of way.”

There will be a mandatory tour of 4601 Market Street on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 10 a.m. for interested developers. Proposals are due by Wednesday, November 01, 2017.