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SEPTA: PA budget proposal could slash service by 40 percent

And raise fares by 20 percent

A new budget proposal set forth this week by Pennsylvania House Republicans could seriously effect SEPTA service and raise fares significantly, according to SEPTA officials.

The proposal would force SEPTA to cut its service by 40 percent and raise fares by 20 percent. Some 500 employees would also potentially have to be laid off.

The Inquirer reported that the proposal, announced on Wednesday, would generate $2.4 billion by using money from special funds that cover a variety of services, including $357 million from public transportation. But SEPTA receives 65 percent of that funding.

Those losses would mean reduced service across the board, including the possibility of some routes being cut entirely, or curtailed with changes like a loss of weekend service[...]. The authority also would likely have to lay off 500 workers, [...] with more job cuts likely after that.

Legislators have been trying to figure out the state budget for months now, with the original July 1 deadline long come and gone. But this latest proposal already has its share of critics, including Governor Tom Wolf, who said that it fails to address the state’s challenges.

The proposal is expected to go to vote in the House next week.