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Lawsuit over South Broad median parking thrown out

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The technically illegal tradition stands

The tradition of parking on the South Broad Street median stands.
Courtesy of Flickr user John Donges

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit over the illegal practice of parking in the middle of South Broad Street, ending the debate over the long-standing tradition for the time being.

The Inquirer reported that Common Pleas Court Judge Daniel J. Anders dismissed the suit filed by Jake Leifer, a South Philly resident and co-founder of activist group 5th Square. In the suit, Leifer argued that the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) and the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) have failed to enforce the law by allowing people to park on the median along South Broad Street.

Leifer further claimed that the lack of enforcement caused “a dangerous condition for those walking, driving or bicycling down Broad Street.”

In the weeks after the lawsuit was filed, the City of Philadelphia sought to have it dismissed, claiming that increasing law enforcement over this matter would take resources away from more pressing matters.

The judge ultimately dismissed the lawsuit, citing prejudice. 5th Square will no longer be able to file another lawsuit against the city.