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Independence Hall, Liberty Bell closed during government shutdown

John Heinz is closed, too

On Saturday, visitors stood outside of the Liberty Bell, which closed amid the government shutdown.
Photos by Melissa Romero

Amid the federal government shutdown—following Congress’s failure to reach a compromise on a funding Friday night—Independence National Historical Park and John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge are feeling its impact.

Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, the two most-visited attractions in the park, were closed and cordoned off to visitors Saturday morning, with visitors turned away by police enforcement, forced to take photos outside of the buildings instead. Other sites within the park were also closed, including Franklin Court on Market Street.

But others, like Carpenters’ Hall, remained open on Saturday during the shutdown.

Down by the airport, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge was also closed to the public. A sign told visitors that entering the refuge’s property was at their own risk.

Meanwhile, the City of Philadelphia said its services remain unaffected by the shutdown. All city offices are open on Monday, and all “24/7 public safety services, including police, fire, public health, and EMS operations, are also unaffected,” the city said in a released statement.

“City officials will offer further guidance in the coming week as to any possible local impact, should the federal shutdown continue for an extended period of time.”