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For $310K, a modern home in Point Breeze

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It was built as part of an affordable housing development

This Point Breeze home is on the market for $310,000.
Courtesy of Real Estate with Heart

A recently built rowhome in Point Breeze that stands out in a sea of brick rowhomes with its colorful exterior is on the market for $310,000.

The home at 1436 S. Bouvier Street was built in 2016 as part of South Point, a 15-unit affordable housing development for families earning between 55 to and 120 percent of Area Median Income. Those income requirements are still in play for this three-bedroom, two-bath home.

The two-story house clocks in at 1,400 square feet and features a good amount of character: There are exposed stone walls on both floors, hardwood floors throughout, and wood accent walls that add some warmth to the home.

The location is notable, too: It’s a few short blocks from two stations on the Broad Street Line, as well neighborhood restaurants like American Sardine Bar.

Take a video tour and see some more photos of the home below.