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Philly’s first major snowfall of 2018, in photos

The “bomb cyclone” made for some pretty epic winter shots

The epic “bomb cyclone” winter storm that took over the East Coast on Thursday dropped a little less than four inches in Philadelphia and brought strong winds and freezing temps to the region.

But while it was pretty nasty out yesterday, the snow day didn’t stop folks from heading outdoors to capture the first snowfall of 2018. Turns out that something as scary-sounding as the “bombogensis” makes Philly look downright beautiful.

Whether you’re one of the lucky ones to have another day off from the cold or just enjoying a quiet work day at the office all to yourself, let’s admire these 15 Instagram photos of Philly’s streets and landmarks covered in a nice coat of snow, from Elfreth’s Alley to Race Street Pier.

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