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New video shows Philly covered in snow during ‘bomb cyclone’

Well that’s lovely

Video by Cory J. Popp

Yes, the “bomb cyclone” winter storm that ravaged the East Coast could be described as a danger and a nuisance. And while Philly didn’t get walloped by snow as other places, the epic winter weather brought brutal cold weather and several inches of snow to the city.

Local videographer Cory J. Popp was out there—for four hours!—to check out the “bomb cyclone” on Thursday, January 4, when Philly saw about three to four inches of snow drop. Amid the freezing temperatures, Popp managed to traverse Rittenhouse Square and Center City with his camera to capture the winter storm take over, and whittled his “freezing walk” down to less than two minutes.

Despite the arctic tundra we’ve had to endure, the video offers no doubt that Philly does look quite beautiful covered in snow.

So as we wait out Monday’s wintery weather forecast—supposedly the last brutal, freezing day—let’s take a quiet stroll through downtown amid the storm.