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The Navy Yard Sea Monster art project, in 9 creepy, funny photos

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The project popped up this week at a warehouse in the Navy Yard

Halloween may be three weeks away, but in South Philly, it’s already here.

A new installation, called “Sea Monsters HERE,” was just installed this week at Building 611 in the Navy Yard, and it holds the (incredibly specific) title of being the world’s largest inflatable tentacle sculpture.

The project was created by UK artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas, who were commissioned by Group X, a collection of anonymous Philly-based artists, according to a statement on the piece. The group collaborated with The Navy Yard to install the piece, which has 20 inflatable purple tentacles coming out of various windows around the warehouse. They reach up to 40 feet long and can be seen from planes landing at the Philadelphia Airport—likely to the delight of some and shock of others.

“We want to break through the proverbial, and in this case physical, walls that can too often keep people from feeling invited into the arts world... and with this installation, we’re just getting started,” Group X said in the statement.

The installation will remain day and night at the building on the corner of Flagship Avenue and South 13th Street through November 17. If you want to check it out for yourself, hop on I-95 and take exit 17. Alternatively, you can take the Broad Street Line down to the NRG Station and grab the Navy Yard Shuttle.

People have been having a lot of fun with the installation. Check out some of the best Instagram photos: