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Open Thread: Tell us what you think of the city’s transit plan

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The plan was introduced Wednesday morning

The city recently revealed an extensive, multi-faceted transit plan that they believe will make Philly more eco-friendly, walkable, and bike-able within the next seven years.

The plan is divided into five categories: increasing pedestrian safety, improving transportation systems, maintaining street condition, making the city competitive, and making the entire process an efficient, transparent, one.

It comes in response to a reported population growth, which officials believe will continue to increase within the next seven years. Officials are looking to make the city more desirable to developers and businesses, while also combating some very real problems it has with road conditions and safety.

There are a ton of specific steps included in the overall plan, which you can read more about here, but some major ones include rehabbing trolleys, doing away with bus transfer fees, installing more protected bike lanes, and doubling the number of street repairs per year.

It’s a lot of smaller, specific plans within one large-scale proposal, and we want your thoughts. Is the city on target with the transit plan? Did they miss anything specific that they should be looking at? What would you like to see from the city in terms of transparency and communication, going forward?

Sound off in the comments.

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