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In Washington Square, century-old home with wood stove asks $380K

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It even has two bedrooms

Matt Robnett, Plush Images

It’s hard to find a Washington Square West place that’s under half a million dollars, but they do exist, and this spot at 1014 Spruce is proof.

The two-bed, one-bath home just dropped on the market for $379,000, and it’s smack-dab in the middle of a bunch of Center City hotspots—nearly halfway between the historic square and Broad Street.

The home is minimalist, with several intriguing details, like the old wood stove that sits front and center in the living room. Hardwood floors line the space, and a spiral wood staircase embedded in the wall leads to the bedrooms on the upper floors. Plus, the facade of the building features a brick arch over a large black and glass doorway.

It’s all part of the Strickland Row condominiums, which have an outdoor pool and courtyards. But it all comes with an additional (pretty hefty) price—HOA fees are $900 a month.

Washington Square

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