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Deck the Hall holiday show returning to Dilworth Park

For the second year in a row

Photo by Melissa Romero

So Thanksgiving isn’t over yet—or Halloween, for that matter—but the city is already getting ready for the winter holidays.

Center City District (CCD) recently announced plans to bring back Dilworth Park’s wildly popular “Deck the Halls” holiday light show, which premiered last year at the public square. The colorful light display will be projected against City Hall’s towering west facade every night, starting November 19 and continuing through January 1.

The show is designed by KLIP Partners, who have expanded the project this year, according to a statement from the CCD.

The group stayed mum on what that would entail—for the time being, at least—and only described the new show as “even more vibrant” than last year’s.

“It’s great to be a part of the holidays right here in Center City, and we’re excited to see how show producers will exceed last year’s electrifying performance,” said Bernie Prazenica, president and general manager of 6abc, which partnered with CCD for the project.

For now, we can only guesstimate what it might look like based on last year’s stunning display. Check it out a video of the 2017 opening night:

We’re at the premiere of the Deck the Hall Light Show at Philadelphia City Hall!

Posted by Curbed Philly on Monday, November 20, 2017

The show is just the second major light display to grace the park in a matter of months. Last month, the CCD displayed the first phase of the long-awaited Pulse art installation, which sees colorful, four-foot columns of mist shoot into the air every time a trolley passes by.

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