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Northern Liberties condo with lots of character, asks $425K

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The loft has skylights and unique design elements

Nick Wnorowski, WeFilmPhilly

A unique condo in Northern Liberties, offering nearly 1,500 square feet of space and high ceilings, just dropped on the market for $425,000.

The three-bed, two-bath home has a wealth of interesting design elements, from the high ceilings in the living room, to the window that looks from a lofted bedroom down into the kitchen.

But one of the most noticeable aspects is the industrial or factory-style aesthetic to the place. The living room is largely devoid of windows, save for a skylight and one window placed high up. Tall, worn wood beams stretch from the floor to the (very high) ceiling, and painted brick accents the space.

Two bedrooms sit on the first floor of the space, both of which have little natural light, but make up for it with unique architectural elements. The main bedroom, for instance, has a low-hanging chandelier, lots of closet space, and a private bathroom with a waterfall countertop and more wood beams.

The final bedroom sits upstairs—again, with only a skylight—and, like the rest of the space, it makes use of exposed wood beams. One interesting element about the upstairs: It has an open window that gazes out over the kitchen and living room below.

The 100-year-old home has a showing from noon to 2 p.m. Saturday, and from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday. In addition to its asking price, it calls for HOA fees of $333 per month.