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Indego rolls out electric bike pilot program

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The bikes have a motor that assists riders as they pedal

As conversations about scooters and other alternative means of transportation sweep the country, Philly plans to bring a new means of travel to the streets—electric bikes.

Last week, Indego, Philly’s city-run bike share, announced plans to start a two-month pilot program for electric, pedal-assist bikes. The bikes have a motor that, “adds power to the wheels as riders pedal up to 17 mph,” the city said in a statement. The bikes only work when a rider is pedaling.

Ten bikes have been set up at various Indego stops around the city, and you can spot them by their white color (as opposed to the regular blue Indego bikes). Transportation officials are hoping to get some feedback from riders during the two months of the pilot program and they’ll be monitoring their usage, in order to consider bringing e-bikes to the city permanently.

Currently, there are bikes in south, north, west Philly, and in Center City. You can find one by going to the Indego map; any station with a green lightning bolt has at least one e-bike.