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Election 2018: These are the Philly programs making it easier to vote

You can bike to the polls for free

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At least two city-led initiatives are aiming to make it easier for average Philadelphians to get to the polls and vote during the pivotal midterm elections tomorrow.

First, Indego, the city’s only bike share program (for now) is offering free rides tomorrow in what they’re calling “Pedal to the Polls.” From 12 a.m. tomorrow until nearly midnight the next day, you can get a free ride by entering “Ride2vote” when selecting a day pass on their website. The day passes normally cost $10 with additional costs tacked on the longer you ride.

Another initiative by the Philadelphia Commissioners office and other city officials has adapted the city’s online property search tool, Atlas, by adding a “Vote” section. Enter an address into the search bar to find the polling place and the sample ballot for that address, as well as information on elected officials.

SEPTA opted not to offer free rides during election day, despite an online petition with nearly 600 signatures, asking them for one free day of service. But never fear, there are still ways to get to the polls for free (or at least cheap).

Still, for those who can’t bike, don’t want to, or don’t have an Indego spot near them, there are other cost-effective options: Lyft is providing half-off rides tomorrow, and Uber is offering $10 off a single ride.

Finally, while this may not make it easier to vote, per say, there are several restaurants, cafes, and bars offering tasty incentives to get to your local polling station, for anyone who’s still on the fence. You can get a free glass of wine at Talk in Center City, a free coffee at any Saxby’s, a free scoop of ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s in Rittenhouse, and free a draft beer at Bar Amis in the Navy Yard, among many other give-aways, according to Eater Philly.

It’s all in preparation for the massive midterm election tomorrow. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m., and you can read more about the issues, candidates, and what to bring, here.

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