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Live in a Rittenhouse apartment with park views for $430K

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Yes, really

It’s hard to imagine a Rittenhouse Park apartment going for less than half a million dollars, (or even a million). Add to that park views, and it seems doubly improbable.

But apparently it can happen. At least, according to a new listing for a space in the Savoy building on 1810 Rittenhouse Square. Built in 1952, the one-bed, one-bath place has several midcentury touches, like wall-to-wall windows that face the park (with a pretty clear, treetop view). There are hardwood floors and light wood cabinetry in the small kitchen, as well as a bedroom with the same park views.

Naturally, you’ll have to sacrifice some size for cost; the apartment is only 825 square feet large.

The Savoy sits at the south end of the popular—and expensive—square, and it’s long been the site of some of Rittenhouse’s more affordable homes (relatively speaking, of course). In a 2014 look at the area, seven out of the square’s 10 most affordable places were in The Savoy.