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Elfreth’s Alley home from 1706 wants $925K

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It’s one of only 32 homes on the country’s oldest street

Courtesy of Alfred Krawitz

It’s always a rare—and noteworthy—moment when one of the homes lining the oldest street in the country drops on the market (there are only 32 houses, after all).

And, in the case of this new listing at 139 Elfreth’s Alley, it’s not just one of the oldest homes in the country, it’s also one that’s probably cemented in your memory if you’ve ever stopped by the historic street.

The 1706-built space is the very first home you see when you enter Elfreth’s Alley. Situated on the left side with a brick facade, iconic bright red shutters and a red front door to match, 139 Elfreth’s Alley is everyone’s first taste of what the famous street has to offer.

For some visitors, that means the inside, too; the home has been one of several along the street to let tourists take a peek inside.

The listing doesn’t say how many bedrooms there are, but it does offer three-and-a-half stories—including a finished basement—multiple fire places, a second staircase, security system, and original crown molding and hardwood floors.

The home was also given a national historic landmark certification in 1996.

Courtesy of Alfred Krawitz