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‘Your story doesn’t end here’: New project aims to give hope to Philly’s homeless

Information and inspirational messages

A new awareness campaign in Center City aims to bring information on shelter and food, as well as a message of hope to Philadelphians without a home this winter.

The project, which was announced Tuesday, is the result of a partnership between Project HOME and the Center City District (CCD), who announced that they would be setting up 20 posters and 50 digital ads around transit shelters in Center City, all with inspirational messages.

The signs will say, “Your story doesn’t end here. I know because mine didn’t,” accompanied by stories of success from five formerly homeless Philadelphians, according to a statement on the ads. They’ll also include information on where to find shelter, food, and various other services in Center City.

The campaign doesn’t end there, though. The CCD and Project HOME want to encourage local business owners and residents to help out and connect with those in need of shelter. They’re giving out postcards to retailers, restaurants and anyone who lives in the area, complete with information on how they can help homeless Philadelphians.

It’s all an extension of a larger, 30-week pilot program by the CCD and Project Home, which launched last spring. Over the course of the project, which technically finished in November, the groups were able to help 134 people find necessary services by connecting directly with people living homeless on the street, according to the program description.

“The combined outreach teams made significant progress, encouraging more homeless individuals to accept services.”

Though it ended a month ago, Project HOME and the CCD say they plan to start another program again next year.

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