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Report: Greater Center City population is growing, especially east of Broad

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A new chart breaks it down by zip code

Greater Center City is growing, but neighborhoods east of Broad are outpacing the rest.
Photo by Melissa Romero

Although it has slowed down in recent years, Philadelphia’s population has steadily bloomed since 2000, particularly in greater Center City. But a new report that breaks population growth down by zip code shows that the neighborhoods east of Broad Street are significantly outpacing the rest of Center City.

The report by JLL Philadelphia found that since 2000, the number of residents living in neighborhoods east of Broad Street have grown by about 40 percent. That’s about double the rate of zip codes west of Broad, which have also experienced growth, but much less so.

JLL vice president and director of research Lauren Gilchrist writes:

The core Center City neighborhoods of Chinatown/Market East (19107) and Old City/Society Hill (19106) have all grown by around 40 percent since the start of the century, while Northern Liberties (19123) sprinted ahead of everyone, growing by 62.1 percent over the same period, facilitated by new housing stock.

Courtesy of JLL Philadelphia

But, Gilchrist adds, these neighborhoods are still playing catchup to South Philly zip codes when it comes to the actual number of people who live there. While east of Broad neighborhoods have experienced the most growth, Gilchrist says that South Philly zip codes like 19147 and 19146 are the most populous, thanks to their densely packed streets lined with rowhomes.

This may change, as Center City neighborhoods see more high-rises and residential development deliver over the next few years. For example, the $600 million development East Market, located along the Market East corridor, is bringing two residential towers to the neighborhood within the next year or so. And by Center City District’s last count, there are 36 residential projects currently in the works or in the pipeline.