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Secluded Media home inspired by Fallingwater asks $485K

The hidden home was designed by a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright

It’s no Fallingwater, but this home has done its best to bring just a touch of one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most iconic works to a secluded spot in Media, Pennsylvania.

The home at 200 E. Jefferson Street dates back to 1953, when it was designed by local architect George A. Hay as his family’s single-family residence. Inspired by Wright’s famous Fallingwater home in upstate Pennsylvania, Hay attempted to design his own home in a similar manner, making the most of the property’s location along a stream.

The result is a 2,636-square-foot home with four bedrooms and three full bathrooms. Hay had the foundation of the house dug out by hand, so as not to disturb the landscape too much. He also positioned the home specifically to take advantage of the natural light and the stream; yet it remains shaded and cool during the summer months.

There also happens to be a tree on the property that is more than 300 years old.

There are multiple stone fireplaces and wood accents throughout, plus large windows that offer views of the forests surrounding the property. While Hay originally designed the house as a single-family home, it has been turned into a two-unit residence—an addition was added in 1970.

The home, though heavily shrouded by nature, is no doubt a stand out with plenty of potential. It’s on the market for $485,000.